The Approach

The Approach is an episodic, magical-realist song cycle: a love story for and about the women of Quince, told through very quick chanting, virtuosic flourishes, thoughtful stares, and electronics. Influenced by female-choruses of 1960s soul, feminist protest anthems, and feminized A.I. assistants, The Approach begins with the four characters meeting a mysterious sailor in the subways of New York City. Following her on quixotic meanderings of subterranean New York, the rail lines of the continent, past lives, and dream worlds, the quartet discover love (of the sailor, of themselves, of each other, of New York, of humanity in general) and tell a story of tangents in tight/gritty/sexy/silly four-part harmony.


Episode 3 excerpt - "The Sad One notices" (Kayleigh Butcher solo)

Episode 1 excerpt - "Even to herself, the sailor, this was a confusing notion" and Shanty

Episode 2 excerpt - "Three blinks" (reprise)

Episode 3 excerpt - "These thoughts" (opening)